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Types of Interventions

A key challenge to achieving these goals is the intelligent selection, development and implementation of the best interventions to cause the desired change in the local economic system.

Given the extent of Fetakgomo’s under development, the risk is identifying an overwhelming list of problems and creating unrealistic expectations for locals. Instead of focusing on mainly on the problems, it is significantly more useful and practical to focus on, and identify pragmatic opportunities whereby quick, visible and sustained progress can be made.

Quick wins with sustained results build a platform of trust and confidence which is crucial for local stakeholders to understand why it is important for them to work together. Success builds a platform of social capital which is necessary to succeed in more ambitious and complex initiatives.

Without initial successes, social capital dissipates quickly and few people trust that investing time and effort is likely to yield results. This situation is very difficult to reverse. Sound LED typically entails activities which:

  • Reduce constraints to business investment and growth,
  • Tackle market failures to make markets work better, and
  • Strengthen the competitiveness of local firms for growth and retention of these firms.
  • External investors are crucial to growth of the Fetakgomo economy as they bring new entrepreneurs, skills, employment and competition in the market. In order to attract investment Fetakgomo needs to promote its advantages and make it easy for investors to utilise economic opportunity in the area.
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