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Desired Outcomes

The desired changes and impact will be pursued primarily by pursuing four key outcomes hinged around the simple concept of making it easier for business to succeed:

  • Only profitable businesses survive. Working from places with lower cost of business are crucial, especially if the products or services can be transported to markets. Businesses choose their location either to gain a cost advantage, capability advantage or to gain a proximity advantage to markets (such as the mines in Fetakgomo). Reducing the cost of doing business is therefore a crucial part of LED efforts.

  • Local markets are easier to compete in than distant markets due to proximity, information and relational advantages. Mining purchases of goods and services, offers the most profound opportunity in Fetakgomo and the current local market share is minimal. Other than mining and some retail the local markets offer very little opportunity for economic growth.

  • Currently few sectors (other than mining) generate significant revenue from external markets. Where possible this external revenue should be increased. The advantage of serving external markets is the sheer size of the external market opportunities, for those than can compete effectively.

  • External investors are crucial to growth of the Fetakgomo economy as they bring new entrepreneurs, skills, employment and competition in the market. In order to attract investment Fetakgomo needs to promote its advantages and make it easy for investors to utilise economic opportunity in the area.

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