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Desired Impact

Four main areas of impact will be targeted with the aim of reducing poverty:

  • Increased share of local markets and increased investment will contribute to an enhanced rate of enterprise- starts, survival and expansion. Enterprise start-ups and growth will contribute to employment growth and to equity growth for the owners.

  • Much attention has been placed on broad based black economic empowerment (BBBEE), where ownership of enterprises is the main focus of equity growth. The benefits of ownership in business up to now have accrued to a few only. But it is not the only way to increase equity. The property market offers an alternative for broad based equity growth. Property prices in Fetakgomo are undervalued and by making these markets work, thousands of property owners may benefit from substantial capital gains.

  • One of the consequences of more businesses investing and growing in Fetakgomo is the increased number of sustainable job opportunities for locals.

  • The poor typically pay more for goods than the rich, due to poor functioning markets. One way of addressing poverty is to reduce the cost of living by making markets work better. Especially the items that the poor spend most of their money on, such as food and transport require well functioning markets with healthy competition to keep costs down.

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